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Ellen Owens

ELLEN, the seventh child, was named after her grandmother. Following her parents death she moved to Richmond to find work. Her older sisters had already left for Richmond, paving the way for her. The job market in Richmond was not as strong and Ellen struggled to find work. It was not long after, she moved to Kingston, following her sister Elsie who was already there.

Ellen attended Madam Rose Leon's Beauty School in Kingston, where she learned hairdressing; she went on to become a fabulous hairstylist in Jamaica. In the 1960s she landed a fulltime job working for Serve-Well Manufacturing Company and became supervisor of a sales staff, selling top of the line appliances, stoves and refrigerators which were sold locally and also shipped all over the world. Ellen was a beautiful fair, almost golden skinned woman, leading to her parents earlier nicknaming her" GOLD." The 1970s saw Ellen migrating to Canada where she lived and worked. She relocated to the United States in the 80s to be near her daughter, Rosemarie Angela (Dawkins) McKenzie.

Image by Pedro Monteiro

The Owens Family 

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