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Elsie Owens

The ninth and last child of my grandparents, is now the matriarch of the Owens family. She also left Richmond Green soon after her parents died. She went to live in Richmond like her sisters. Elsie worked at Richmond Police Station as an administrative assistant.

A school friend of Elsie, sponsored her to move to Kingston. Later Elsie’s sisters followed her there. When they moved to Kingston, this allowed them all to better their lives. Elsie attended Miss Lindsey’s Dressmaking School on Slipe Pen Road in Kingston. In 1950 Elsie opened her own business, “Elsie’s Dressmaking Parlor,” on Bay Farm Road in Kingston. There she sometimes made beautiful wedding dresses.

Elsie married James Hudson on January 24, 1953 at St Andrew‘s Parish Church in Half-Way- Tree in Kingston. His family was highly educated. James was an affluent masonry contractor in Jamaica.

The entire Owens family attended the wedding. Elsie had three bride’s maids, with Pauline serving as maid-of-honor. Elsie and James have been married for 55 years.

They later migrated to Baltimore, Maryland in 1969. Here Elsie became a certified nursing assistant, dedicating herself to caring for the homebound in Baltimore.

Elsie is a member of South Biscayne Church, North Port. She is the loving and devoted mother of her two sons Roy and Jay. Elsie and James are retired and both live in North Port, Florida.

Image by Pedro Monteiro

The Owens Family 

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