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Olga Owens

Was the fourth child. Early in her teens, she stayed for a couple of years with her father Alexander in Montego Bay; there she took dressmaking and music lessons. Her teacher was Miss McFarlane. Olga returned to Richmond Green after her time with her father.

Olga later had a son, Carlton Escoffrey.

After her parents died, Olga moved to Linstead in St Catherine. She found work as a seamstress there. She relocated later to the Bonnet/Benbow District, St Catherine where she met and married Clarence George Ford in April of 1944. Mr. Ford died on November 19th 1973. Olga moved to Kingston to find a better life and sent her son Carlton to a private school in Linstead.

After living for several years in Kingston, Olga migrated to New York and then to Stanford Connecticut where she worked in several hospitals as a nursing assistant. During this time she met the CEO of a major corporation. He requested her assistance in taking care of his sick mother and eventually himself. She accepted this offer, giving up her job at the hospital and relocating to Greenwich, Connecticut. She remained employed with this family for many years until she retired.

On retirement, Olga relocated to Miami Florida, where her son Carlton and his wife Beverly and family lived. Olga attended Miami Gospel Church in Miami.

Image by Pedro Monteiro

The Owens Family 

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