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The Owens Family 


Hello and Welcome to the members of my great big family!


About three-weeks after my mother passed away (January 2008); I started on this journey to explore my family history. The first part of this voyage into my past is now over, with the launch of this website. The second part will begin when we as a family start to get deeper into our history.


As family members and I sorted through the numerous pictures for the photomontage for my mother, 'Pauline's Home-going', I think this task made us all feel closer to her. We really felt happy looking at the snapshots of her life. I think that is when I decided to take it a step further and do the family website. The 'Owens Family Project' is an extension of my mom. I do this to honor her, and to celebrate the rich history of the entire Owens family.


This process has been time consuming, frustrating, draining, but also very exciting, and a labor of joy, and I have learned a lot as I researched the
Owens Family History.


Many people have helped to make the web site the success that it is. They supplied many pictures and stories. I have to give kudos to Aunt Elsie for her remarkable contribution to our new-found knowledge base about our family history and to this web site. Her wealth of knowledge about our relatives is phenomenal. It has been wonderful talking to her and listening to the stories of my mother's, her sister's and brother's lives as they were growing up in Jamaica. Aunt Elsie has given us a precious gift – more than she or I could have imagined. We as a family have certainly learned a whole lot more about our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents.


If anyone has anything that they would like to do to contribute to this website please let me know. This is just the beginning, and I welcome all the help I can get. This is a work in progress. It will get better as time goes on.
Although I created this web site, it is for all of us. I need current pictures from everyone and an update on what is happening with you. More family history, graduations, engagements, weddings, births, etc. would be appreciated. Please scan pictures and send them as e-mail attachments. Please make sure the quality of the pictures you send is sharp, not fuzzy; also include captions for the pictures.




More about the Parish of St.Mary


St. Mary is one of the island's smallest parishes. It is located in the county of Middlesex in the northeastern section of Jamaica. The capital is Port Maria, located on the coast.


The principal products for this parish are bananas, sugar, citrus, pimento, cocoa, coconuts, coffee, vegetables, breadfruit, and anatto. There is also a lot of pasture land here. Agriculture has been on the decline in St. Mary, in recent years, however.


It is said that this parish has been listed as one of the poorest in Jamaica for several years now. St. Mary used to be banana country. Banana used to be called "green gold" in its heyday, but now mostly because of the global economy, it does not play as big a part in the Jamaican economy as it used to. There are still however, many banana plantations here.


There are three main rivers in St. Mary; the Rio Nuevo River, Wag Water, and White Rivers. These rivers are often slow, and at times create swamps in the surrounding area.


St. Mary has what is thought by some to be one of the best secondary schools in the nation, St. Mary High School, from which some outstanding people have come. They occupy reputable positions in the private and public sectors both in Jamaica and internationally.


A number of international celebrities live in this region. This is also the birthplace of established dance-hall reggae artists, such as Capleton, Lady Saw, Ninja Man, Sizzla and Tanya Stephens, Beres Hammond.



Owens Family History

Established 1901

Learn Our History

ALEXANDER AND MARIAN OWENS, my grandparents, were born and grew up in Jamaica, West Indies. Read More

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